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Quick Tip: 7 Day Communication Delivery Plan

Your church members and community lead busy lives. It’s not that they don’t want to care about what you offer, they have limited bandwidth to take it all in.

This simple plan helps you cut through the noise and gets your Christmas promotions heard in multiple ways while building communication consistency in the process.

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Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions

65% of Facebook videos are viewed on mobile devices.

Which means your viewers can be anywhere, the library, train, work or even the bathroom.

Unfortunately, their location can keep them from listening to your video. So how can your church share via Facebook video and still be “heard”?

Here is a simple, free to use, solution for your church…

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Increase Attendance for Dollars a Day with Facebook Boost Post

Using church postcards, door drops and flyers to promote an event is costly and hard to track.

What if you could…

  • Promote an event for just dollars a day
  • Target the exact people you want to reach
  • Know how effective the promotion is before it’s even finished
  • Adjust your budget as your promotion runs

You can with Facebook posts…

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Using Facebook Ads to Reach Your Community

Getting your church message seen on Facebook is becoming more challenging every day.

With only 3-6% of your followers seeing each post, paid ads are becoming a necessity.

But don’t worry. It is surprisingly cheaper than you would imagine.

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Should Someone Oversee Your Church Communications

As a church leader, you know… good communications don’t just happen.

It takes time, commitment and intentionality to connect with your audience.

Each week you spend hours planning what you will say and how you will connect people to God’s word.

Our visual communications and written communications require the same type of intentionality.

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How to Communicate with Your Church Without Being Annoying

Your church and community live busy lives, with limited time and attention spans.

It isn’t that they don’t want to care about what the church has planned, they are too busy to know they need to.

So it’s our responsibility to let them know what is important in the life of our church and why.

The challenge of course is doing it in a way that isn’t annoying.

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