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How to Share NonProfit Stories That Engage People At Deeper Levels

How to Share NonProfit Stories That Engage People At Deeper Levels

What keeps you watching a movie? Turning pages when you read? Or listening to someone share in person about their life?

The stories that keep me engaged, and from ADDing out, are ones I can identify with. Something about the story connects, and the fact I don’t look, think, or sound like the main characters doesn’t matter.

There is a commonality in the themes they wrestle with and I’m pulled into the story.

  • Anne Frank depends on the kindness of others to remain hidden and avoid the Nazis.
  • The Mandolorian faces his own childhood trauma to save the orphaned Grogu.
  • The addict finds strength through a local nonprofit to get free and change their life.

Something about the story engages us…

We haven’t experienced the same life events, but we connect with the story. It draws us in and we want more. So we turn another page, watch another episode, listen intently, and share it with others.

Now imagine if our local nonprofits told engaging stories like this!

Where they shared stories about the impact and transformation happening in their midst. And then cast a compelling vision for helping even more people.

  • As a volunteer, you would understand the importance of your time and efforts.
  • As a donor, you would see the power of your investment and how lives are being changed.
  • As a community member, your understanding of their work would deepen and you would want to advocate for them and share it with others.

But it only happens when the stories get SHARED.

So what is stopping them???


They need a repeatable plan to Identify, Collect and Share stories of impact both online and in person.

If you’re a nonprofit leader and ready to see volunteers and donors engage with your organization at a deeper level, then sharing stories about your impact is a must… I can show you how.

Inbox me for details about how the NonProfit Storytelling Accelerator can change the way your nonprofit shares the impact you’re making.


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