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3 Ways Video Can Help Attract And Retain Guests

3 Ways Video Can Help Attract And Retain Guests

Today I’d like to introduce you to Matthew Fridg. I first was introduced to Matthew in 2015 after finding his information online.

Matthew comes from a ministry and video background and runs Church Video Coach, working with churches to increase their effectiveness through video communication. He contacted me recently about the topics I’ve been discussing and ways churches could apply similar principles to video communications.

Since we have similar goals of helping the local church in communications I asked him to share about some practical ways to use video in our churches.


3 Ways Video Can Help Attract And Retain Guests

by Matthew Fridg

I am an introvert. There, I said it. So, going over to dinner at someone’s house, whom I have never met before, ranks right up there with a root canal or standardize testing. C’mon my fellow introverts, you know exactly what I mean. You have to smile constantly for 2+ hours, keep up some semblance of conversation, and maybe even play charades. Somebody push the eject button, please.

On the other hand, we have no problem spending hours over at a good friend’s house. We can be the best refrigerator friends money can buy. The million-dollar question is, “What is the difference?” The answer: familiarity.

Familiarity Opens The Door

Our level of familiarity and comfort can determine a great deal about our actions. The more familiar we are with something, the more comfortable we can feel. When we feel comfortable, we can truly be ourselves. It’s a truly great place to be, especially when a guest can feel this way about our church. When people begin to feel comfortable they can let their guard down and, consequently, they can make a better connection with the pastor, message, congregants, and especially the Gospel.

Video Facilitates Connection

One pastor I was consulting told me about a man who came up to him after the service. This man excitedly announced, “I really feel like I know you.” The pastor replied, “Really, how long have you been attending.” To which the man answered, “Oh, this is my first time, but I have seen all your videos on your website and now I feel like I am at home.”

A video ministry is more than just some funny videos we show before the sermon or some reminders about the church picnic. Video is a powerful tool to connect people to the heart, culture, and mission of your church.

Maximize The Opportunity

Could video really help attract and retain guests? The following are a few areas you can use video to help break down barriers and build familiarity before someone even visits your church.

  1. The Pastor – According to Thom Rainer (Surprising Insights of the Unchurched, p. 18), 90% of unchurched people choose a church based on the primary communicator and his preaching. What if you could create a highlight reel of your pastor and some of his best one liners that people could watch before they even walked in the door? Maybe even a catalog of sermons on YouTube?
  2. Worship Style – The style of music is one reason many churchgoers decide where they will attend church. Imagine someone just moved into the community and they are seeking a church with a rockin’ band. They come across your website and see your team worshiping their hearts out. They connect with the music style right away.
  3. Children’s/Kids Ministry – When I visit a church, I want to know that my kids are going to be safe, have fun and learn about Jesus. Why not post a video on your facebook page that shows the caring faces of your children’s workers, the kids’ huge smiles as they sing a worship song, and a shot of the teacher sharing the Bible lesson (make sure you have permission from anyone appearing on camera or their parents)?

So, what do you need to begin creating video that does more than just replace the guy who used to do announcement?

Your Gear List

  1. Camera – You can start with your iPhone to get great HD video, but you may want to increase quality and usability with a camcorder.
    1. Canon VIXIA HF R52 – $399
    2. Canon VIXIA HF G30 – $1,199
    3. Sony NEX-EA50M – $2,499
  2. Tripod – Get nice, steady shots by using your camera on a tripod.
    1. $50-150 for a starter tripod
  3. Audio – You can plug your house mixer into the camera or use the internal or an external microphone.
    1. Wired Lapel – Sony ECM-44B – $159, great for interviews
    2. Shotgun – RODE VideoMic GO – $85
  4. Editing Software – After you capture your footage, assemble it in your non-linear editing software.
    1. iMovie – $14.99
    2. Final Cut X – $299
    3. Adobe Premier – $19.99-$49.99/month

With some simple tools and a plan, you can leverage the power of video to help people get to know you and feel familiar with your church before they even step in the door.


Matthew Fridg is the founder of Church Video Coach, national conference speaker, filmmaker, father and has been shooting video since he was only 4 feet tall. Since then he has grown another foot and ten inches and won several advertising and cinematography awards for his more recent video work. He graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Communications Media and went on to do lighting for several motion pictures filmed in the Pittsburgh area. Later, working as a full-time director with a large video production firm, he directed and produced documentaries, online ads, promos, narratives, and TV commercials.

Matthew has led worship for nearly 15 years, at one point overseeing three growing campus worship teams in the Pittsburgh area. He responded to the pastoral call and worked as an Executive Pastor and Worship Pastor since 2012 and is currently finishing his Master’s in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University.

Matthew started Church Video Coach which is company devoted to helping churches increase their effectiveness through video communication. His heart is to serve the church through all things video.

Website: http://www.churchvideocoach.com
Twitter: @matthewfridg

Church Websites: Your Digital Front Door

Church Websites: Your Digital Front Door

For years, the worship service was the front door of your church. The best way to connect people was to have them attend on a Sunday, hope they liked the experience, and want to know more.

The growth of a tech conscience, research minded population has changed that. The church website is the new digital front door of your church.

With 85% of people visiting online before they attend in person, you have an average of 7 seconds to make an impression. Visitors are looking for clear, concise and organized information. They expect service times, location, worship style, children’s programs, information about the pastor,  church size, and more, to be readily accessible.

So how can we create and maintain a website that embodies the personality of our church?

1) Plan Before You Act

The tendency with a church website is to treat it like an online version of your bulletin…

Post as much information as possible and let the reader sort it out.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Before you ever design a page you need to answer:

  • What is your goal online? (awareness, community connection, church engagement, information, etc.)
  • Who is your audience? (visitors, attenders, leaders)
  • What will you share? (times, locations, ministry information, etc)
  • What do you want to include? (social media, sermon audio, sermon video, event registration, online giving, etc.)

2) Prioritize

Time and budget are the biggest challenges you will face as you build your website. Once you know what you want to include prioritize them. If you can’t afford to include something in your website immediately don’t give up on it. Consider making it part of a second phase or future budget year.

3) Be Realistic

Don’t underestimate the time required for upkeep and maintenance of your website. It requires technical knowledge to manage the site, forethought to work ahead and people skills to track down information from ministry leaders.

You spend hours each week planning for Sunday and training volunteers to serve. You wouldn’t dream of putting if off until the last minute or ignoring it for weeks. Your website requires the same type of intentional planning and focus.

You need to know:

  • Who is responsible for managing the website?
  • Do they have the time to do this well?
  • Do they have the ability to do this well?

4) Pick A Website Solution

The options abound for website creation, management and upkeep. Based on your plan, priorities and budget you can pick a solution to match.

Custom Design

endlessly customizable based on your needs and ministry desires, mobile integration available

  • price depends what technology you desire to incorporate

Pre Packaged Design

customizable church templates with user support


theme based template design, high customizable, mobile friendly options, functionality added in pieces based on your needs, a technically minded staff member or volunteer can design and maintain it for you

  • low cost to set up and manage


As you plan your new website or contemplate updating your existing one remember… this is your new front door. It is the way you will be viewed and remembered by a large percentage of your community.

Make certain it represents your church and the gospel in a way worth remembering.