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Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions

Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions

Have you ever thought about how you interact with Facebook?

The next time you are checking out your Facebook feed, stop and think about how you scroll down the page.

Chances are, you quickly flip through the posts, looking for something that interests you. When you find something, you stop, read and take a moment to comment.

But what about Facebook video?

65% of Facebook videos are viewed on mobile devices, which means your viewers can be anywhere. The library, train, work meeting or even the bathroom.

Without headphones, many viewers will see, but never hear your latest church video. Trying to multi-task, they are effectively missing the important announcement from your church.

The solution, deliver the information with sub-titles on your Facebook videos. What once was a tedious, frustrating process, is now possible in a matter of minutes.

The tutorial below shows you how to easily create an SRT Caption file that does the trick.

Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions from YouTube

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Increase Attendance for Dollars a Day with Facebook Boost Post

Increase Attendance for Dollars a Day with Facebook Boost Post

Using church postcards, door drops and flyers to promote an event is costly and hard to track.

What if you could…

  • Promote an event for just dollars a day
  • Target the exact people you want to reach
  • Know how effective the promotion is before it’s even finished
  • Adjust your budget as your promotion runs

You can with Facebook posts.

They offer a proven way of knowing what will work, before you even spend a dollar.

Watch the tutorial to see how easy it can be…

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Facebook Posting Strategies and What to Share

Facebook Posting Strategies and What to Share

On this episode of #AskRADIdeas we talk Facebook Posting Strategies and Sharing Content Between Communication Types

Sue asked: We are a smaller church with a multi-generational membership. We use our website, church APP (for push notifications 1x/day), Facebook (most of our people are comfortable with this avenue of social media), MailChimp and our church bulletin to promote everything! How often should we be posting on Facebook and should it be the same content as we push through our APP?

You need to think about your Facebook communications differently than your APP communications.

People who download your APP are highly connected. Already engaged people. They have an idea of what you offer and want to stay up on event details, sermon recordings and “members” stuff.

The act of downloading your APP shows they are willing to come to you for information.

I would focus on top items that need to be conveyed, rather than conveying everything through push notifications. Schedule 2-3 notifications per week and watch the responses as an indicator of engagement.

Facebook, on the other hand, is a way to connect with those who aren’t as highly connected.

They aren’t coming to you for information, they’re going about their lives and you pop up in their feed. You need to engage them relationally first, so they can learn about you and what you bring to the community.

Because of this, you can talk about the same things as in your APP but your approach needs to be different.

Talk less about the details and more about

  • “Why” the ministry exists
  • “Who” has experienced life change
  • “What” is happening behind the scenes at your church
  • “Ways” to be a part and experience similar life change
  • Partner ministries in your area who are positively affecting your community

When you sit to write a post, ask yourself…

“Does this add value or is it just noise? Does it bring clarity about the answers our church provides?”

If you can say, YES, then schedule the post.

Where do we start?

  1. Post 3-4 posts a week. Give your audience something to look forward to. If they know you post regularly they will be more apt to look for your post.
  2. Watch the engagement. Not just Likes and Follows. Look at the conversations that are happening surrounding your content. Dive into the shares and who is engaging with your content.
  3. Track what works. Keep notes on posts that work for your church audience and use that information to your advantage.


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