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Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions

Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions

Have you ever thought about how you interact with Facebook?

The next time you are checking out your Facebook feed, stop and think about how you scroll down the page.

Chances are, you quickly flip through the posts, looking for something that interests you. When you find something, you stop, read and take a moment to comment.

But what about Facebook video?

65% of Facebook videos are viewed on mobile devices, which means your viewers can be anywhere. The library, train, work meeting or even the bathroom.

Without headphones, many viewers will see, but never hear your latest church video. Trying to multi-task, they are effectively missing the important announcement from your church.

The solution, deliver the information with sub-titles on your Facebook videos. What once was a tedious, frustrating process, is now possible in a matter of minutes.

The tutorial below shows you how to easily create an SRT Caption file that does the trick.

Increase Facebook Video Engagement with Captions from YouTube

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