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Do printed church bulletins matter anymore?

Print vs Digital Bulletins What’s the Big Deal

Printed church bulletins are an interesting topic. And every communicator has an opinion about them.

The reality is that print bulletins have stuck around as long as they have for largely one reason…

They are one of the few consistent communications channels churches use.

Your church knows they can expect it. So while other communications have gone away, but the bulletin has remained.

The question that needs to be addressed though is…

Do print bulletins still matter? Should we continue to put resources toward them?

There is a push currently to move toward digital versions of the bulletin. With churches trying

  • Apps
  • Online Newsletters
  • Emails

Any way they can deliver information quicker, with less cost and lower environmental impact.

Unfortunately, if your church has a history of a print bulletin, you are going to have difficulty getting away from it

There is a group in your church who sees the bulletin as their main communication connection to what you offer.

When they have a question, it’s where they look. It’s how they expect to get information about your church.

While younger church attenders would rather receive text messages or online notifications, it is not how the older generation communicates.

They want ink on paper. Something they can refer to when they need information.

The churches I’ve seen try to move completely away from a print bulletin have run into challenges.

  • Details fell through the cracks
  • Information was not fully conveyed
  • People felt disconnected from what was going on

If you are looking to move away from a printed bulletin I would caution you.

You are best to treat it as a transitional piece that is slowly phased out. Rather than an item to just stop printing one Sunday.

Consider delivering information that would be in the bulletin through different digital channels. Simultaneously provide print copies for those who want one.

If print costs are your concern, this would help you greatly reduce the number of copies necessary each week. Since much of the bulletin remains consistent, you might consider printing only twice twice a month. This would allow you to reduce your costs even more.

Every church is different. But a resource as simple as a print bulletin can speak volumes to an entire generation about how much you value them in your church.

Transition from a printed church bulletin only when needed, and remember to keep your church informed if you do.

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