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Effective ways for you r church to reach your community

Using church communications to reach your community

Question: What are some of the most effective ways to reach people in the local community, outside my church?

Answer: The most effective way to reach your community is through the communication channels they are already using.

Start by looking around to determine where people go for information on a daily basis. When you learn where they are spending time, start speaking into the space.


When God called Moses at the burning bush, He didn’t say…

“I want you to be ready, I’m going to send Pharaoh and his leaders to your door. When they get here, start talking.”

No, God said… “I want you to GO.”

And God was faithful to provide Moses with the words to speak.


We need to take a similar approach to our communications.

We can’t expect people to come to us any longer. We have to go to where they are and speak truth into the space.

Then, and only then, can we expect people to investigate us.

If you don’t know what communication methods your community is using, starting asking questions.

Research how different age groups are communicating to get an idea of where people are spending time.

Then, put concentrated effort into reaching people through those methods.

Don’t feel pressured to be everywhere at once. Concentrate on one communication method and do it REALLY well.

Spend time making relationships and fostering existing ones in that space. When you feel like it’s working well and people are connecting, THEN and only then do you add another communication method.

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