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How do I inspire people to participate

How do I inspire people to participate?

Question: How do I inspire people to participate?


At our core, we want to know that our life matters. That what we’re part of is worth our time and it adds value to our lives.

Our listeners are no different.

To inspire them to participate they need to see we value them, and that what you are offering is important to their lives.

How do we do this?

By talking less about the details – who, what, when, where & how – and taking more about the WHY.

Why is this important to them

Why should they attend

Why would it make a difference in their life

The challenge is…

We don’t connect emotionally with details, we connect with stories.

By sharing stories and testimonies about people:

  • who have been involved in the past
  • who’s lives have been changed by the ministry
  • who found Jesus through the event in the past

we connect with people at a deeper level.

The reality is, within an hour of hearing it, I will probably forget the details about the Men’s Breakfast.

But, I will remember a story about a guy like me who faced similar challenges. A guy who found strength in sitting around a table with a bunch of other guys like him.

And, of I remember the story and see myself in it, I will be more ready to seek out the details that are necessary to attend.

How do I inspire people to participate?

Go beyond the details of your event and talk about the life change others have experienced. Help them see themselves and recognize what’s in it for them, and they will be inspired to participate.

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