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Simple way to reach people without “selling” your church


Question – How do we reach people without looking like we are “selling” our church?

Answer – Talk more about your listener and less about your church

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus calls us to fish for people (every man, woman, boy and girl).

I grew up in a family of fishermen, and we spent more hours than I could count with a pole in the water.

I learned early on that the goal of fishing was to present something the fish needs (food) in a way they will respond to.

But every fish responds differently.

Trout go after one type of food, tuna go after another.

Both are fish, but what attracts them is very different. Consequently, you fish for them in very different ways.

Knowing what your are fishing for determines what will attract them.

Back to the question…

How does our church become fishers of people, without looking like we are “selling” our church?

We have to:

  1. Know who we are trying to REACH
  2. What ISSUES they are facing

Here’s what it can look like:

Who do I want to REACH = Young Families

What ISSUES are they facing = 2 Spouses Working, Single Parenting, Little Free Time, Kids with Challenges, Childcare issues, Never get a break

You can “fish” for them in multiple ways.

Talk about your church

Tell them how great your church is, and why they should be a part. Show pictures of involved families and how they might fit in.

Invite, Invite, Invite


Talk about them

Address the real-life issues they are facing. Show how your church offers solutions to the problems and they aren’t alone in the struggle. Let them see and hear from people whose life has been changed by the ministry you offer.


Both ways have the potential to attract people.

One looks like you’re trying to “sell” something – your church

The other looks like you “love” them and want to help meet their needs.


Meet their needs and you open the door to changing their heart.

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