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Getting Your Church to Open Your Easter Emails | Easter QuickWin #5

Getting Your Church to Open Your Easter Emails | Easter QuickWin #5

And…. SEND

You have spent the past hour writing the perfect Easter email for your church.

Full of all the important information you need you share.

It holds everything your congregation needs to plan their Easter weekend.

When to attend. How to serve. Everything….

But then it hits you. What if they don’t open it?

What if it goes to the Gmail equivalent of purgatory? The dreaded Promotional Tab.

All that work… gone.

Statistically, churches and non-profits see email open rates of 25-26%.

Considered high by email standards, it’s not enough. We are sharing the most important message the world has ever heard.

We need people to read it…

Getting our email read begins with the subject line.

Here’s a simple tool to help you…

Get your church to open your Easter emails

Easter Marketing QuickWin highlights:


  • A well written email subject line is the first step to increasing email open rates
  • An unopened email doesn’t help anyone
  • Use a headline analyzer to help write email subject lines your church will open


Writing The Perfect Easter Email | Easter QuickWin #6

Writing The Perfect Easter Email | Easter QuickWin #6

Does email ever feel like both a blessing and a curse to you?


Blessing – It delivers needed information, interesting facts, and news


Curse –  The potential for ads, junk mail, and spam


Despite the potential pitfalls, recent statistics put email response rates higher than social media.


As much as 40 times higher… and it doesn’t’ appear to be slowing.


But merely sending email with a compelling subject line isn’t enough.


To be effective, your email content must deliver valuable information that warrants a response.



How to Write the Perfect Easter Email

Easter Marketing QuickWin Highlights:

Say less in your emails and leave them wanting more

  • Emails that over inform, under perform
  • Provide specific, detailed information in short doses
  • Provide a link for more information


The Anatomy of a Perfect Church Email

  • Header Image (branding)
  • Inspire with a Story (3-4 sentences)
  • Inform with Details (bullets or synopsis)
  • Invite to Respond (clearly tell them what action to take)


Easter Marketing Guide - Anatomy of a Perfect Church Email