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Grow Your Church By Answering These 5 Questions

5 Questions to Know What to Communicate, Every Time

One of the top struggles I see is with churches Knowing What To Communicate. Here’s what I mean.

We spend hours creating amazing ministry opportunities designed for life change. We announce it on Sunday and put it in the bulletin, but people aren’t engaged. Uncertain about its importance, and with a busy schedule, they put off committing until the last moment, and don’t attend. It’s the exact ministry they need right now and they pass on it!


Maybe it’s because we gave them information without inspiration. We talked about an event without inspiring them by sharing what was in it for them.

So how do we change this scene?

It’s going to sound crazy, but it starts with asking the right questions. They lay a foundation for what is coming and give us guardrails to keep us on task.

There are five questions to help you…

Know What to Communicate, Every Time

1) What problem, need, goal are we addressing with this event / opportunity?

Let’s face it. Most people are self absorbed. Sometimes it is just plain narcism but most of the time it’s busyness.

Think through your past week… what got your attention enough to make you stop in your tracks?

Most likely it was something that addressed an issue you have or need to solve.

Our church and community is no different. They are are always asking “What’s in it for me?”

When we can articulate the problem we solve or benefit we offer people will listen.

2) If I had no prior knowledge about this event / opportunity, what information would I need to take part?

(date, time, location, who its for, cost, registration info, etc.)

A solution without information is useless.

“Join us Wednesday for bible study!”

Uhhhh, that sounds great but I have more questions now that when we started.

Is it for men, women, students?

Is it at the church, a coffee shop, someone’s home?

Is it in the morning, evening, lunchtime?

What are they studying and how does it apply to me?

We often approach church events, especially reoccurring ones, from the standpoint of a connected person rather than a guest. When we think about the person who wants to connect but needs more details everything changes.

3) How can we share about this event / opportunity in a way that makes it accessible to the unchurched?

“Join our Wednesday night Bible study on the book of Proverbs beginning next week!”

For the churched that might be enough, for the unchurched, not so much.

A study in Proverbs means nothing to them because they don’t know what the book is about or that it’s even in the Bible.

Making something accessible to the unchurched doesn’t mean we have to water it down. It means we have to make it understandable.

How do we do that?

Tell them about the event in a way that applies to them and shows the benefit of participating, regardless of their biblical knowledge.

We could share about the same Bible study like this…

“Life can be confusing! Join our adult Bible study as we talk through practical ways to gain wisdom and understanding. Wednesdays, 7pm, Main Office Lobby”

4) How does our community get information about events / opportunities?

Every community has its own communication culture. A way it shares information on a daily basis.

Through personal invitation, social media, community events or online, your community is listening.

The question is whether your church is speaking in the spaces where people are listening.

Unsure of the ways most commonly used by your community to communicate… go ask them.

The gospel is too important to mess this up.

5) How will we deliver the relevant information using the communication channels our community is already using?

Now that we know what we want to say and how people are listening comes the fun part.

Pick an area (or two) and begin sharing.

Don’t feel the need to do everything at once, just get started.

Become part of the ongoing conversation and offer life through the solutions your church offers.

As people see you care and have solutions to the issues they face your church will grow.

Action Plan

Pick an upcoming event / opportunity and answer these questions.

Share about it based on the benefits of participating and see your church grow.

Have a story about how these principles changed your church communications and grew your congregation? I’d love to hear about it. Send me a message today.

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