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Email Gathering Strategies for Your Church

Despite the growth of social media, texting and web searches, daily email use continues to be one of the best ways to connect with your church.

So, what is the easiest way to gather and use email and a better way to connect via website?


1) Find an Email Provider

The reason is that personal email plans, like the kind you get from Yahoo, MSN, or Google, are created to send messages to small groups of people. Try to send a large group message and you run into trouble.

They aren’t meant to just copy and paste lists of email addresses in and hit send. When you do this, your email provider begins to suspect you might be sending spam.

If your email provider flags you as sending spam you will have a horrible time sorting things out.

So find a known email provider and begin to use them.

Some options you might consider are…

Email infographic

Email Service Providers

If you have fewer than 2000 email addresses in your list MailChimp is free. You get access to their basic tools and analytics with options to upgrade if you need extras.

2) Add a Join Email List Option on your Website

All of the listed providers have ways to add an email collection feature on your website. Add a slide in box or pop up field that invites visitors to keep up to date on information. Let them know how often to expect communications from you so they aren’t concerned about being overwelmed

3) Collect Emails with a Communication Card

If you aren’t already collecting emails on your registration or communication card add a line regarding it. Promote your plans to send church information and event details through email. Point out the opportunity to join your list on the updated cards.

4) Promote your Email List through Facebook

Create a Facebook post outlining your plans to use email more effectively. Link the post to a page on your website where Facebook followers can input their email address of choice.


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