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Help Your Church Invite Guests with 3 Easy Resources | Easter QuickWin #9

Jesus is the hope of the world and the local church is the vehicle of expressing that hope to the world. – Andy Stanley

Each week your congregation has the opportunity to bring hope to their neighborhood, workplace and more.

For many, expressing this hope seldom extends beyond a friendly “hello” or a polite response. Gripped by fear, and afraid of awkward silence, they struggle to start spiritual conversations.

With minimal effort, you can reduce their anxiety.

Empowering them to be your churches advocate in the community.

Here are:

3 Resources to Help your Church Invite Guests This Easter

Your church is having conversations weekly with people you will never meet

Fear often keeps them from inviting a friend to church

Give them resources to diffuse the fear and uncertainty

Printed Invite Cards

  • Easter branding on side 1
  • Service date, time, location on side 2

Social Media Graphics

  • Page on your website for them to download
  • Link FB, Twitter and Instagram graphics

Social Media Posts

  • Same page on your website
  • Don’t leave them guessing, Include suggestions for what to say

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