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Reaching the Right Audience with Your Church Communications

How to Reach the Right Audience with Your Communciations

The majority of ministries your church offers don’t apply to everyone present on a Sunday morning.

So what is the easiest way to make sure we communicate with the right audience every time?

3 Questions to Help you Reach the Right Audience

1) Who are you trying to reach?

List all the attributes that describe who you want to reach with this communication. Include items like: age, demographics, sex, groups they are associate with, etc.

2) Where do they spend time?

List where they spend time time on a regular basis. Think about things like physical locations as well as online.

3) How do they communicate?

List out the ways they use both to communicate and to receive communications.

Older congregation members get information primarily through newspapers, weekly bulletins, personal invitation, phone calls.

Younger generations gets information through email, text, social media, web.

Putting info about a youth event in the bulletin is only going to be seen by a couple teens, but sending details out through social media and text will get a high response.

At the same time, emailing your older congregation and expecting a high response rate isn’t going to work. Sure they might have email, but it’s not their preferred communication platform.

Don’t waste your time and resources creating promotions that will be ignored. Look over the lists you have and identify the areas you will focus on to reach that audience.

When in doubt,  remember to deliver communication to your audience, where they spend time, using channels they already use.

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