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Best Practices for Your Next Church Mailing

Best Practices for Church Postcard Mailings

In recent years, postcards and other church direct mail campaigns have declined in popularity.

There is still a place for them, when approached strategically…

When you think about a postcard or any church direct mail campaign, you have to start with strategy first, then delivery.

Strategy for a Mailer

1) Determine your goals / purpose

  • what are we trying to say
  • what action do we want them to take
  • what is the point of this print piece

2) Determine your audience

  • who are you trying to reach with this
  • what type of printed items do they respond to

3) Design a Card that speaks to your audience and meets your goals

  • does it look like something they would expect to see
  • does it answer the questions they might have
  • does it give a clear “next step” you want them to take
  • is there a phone number, email or web address to use for questions

4) Pick a Delivery Method

  • In-House Mailing – more than 200 units qualify for bulk mail, can send at reduced cost
  • Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) – every door direct mailing through postal service, target homes within a designated delivery area
  • Mail House – submit your postcard and they help you set the mailing up for delivery, if you have a mailing list they can address the cards or you can rent a list from them to target your delivery area and send directly to your community

Don’t dismiss the use of a Mail House. We found with a larger mailing that often the amount saved in postage between EDDM and Mail House covered the majority of the Mail House costs

Delivering Your Mailer

1) Print the Postcard

Before you send your mailer out, make sure you meet the requirements of your delivery method (paper type, paper weight, type of gloss on the paper, etc)

2) Mail the Card

USPS doesn’t let you invoice mailing. Make sure you have money in your Postal service account to cover an in-house mailing, or have a check ready to pay for the EDDM or Mail House.

3) Track your results

A strategy is repeatable and trackable. Make sure you count the following in connection to your mailing:

  • phone calls
  • emails
  • website visits

Make note of any questions you receive so you know what you can adjust for your next mailing


Case Study

Since my initial posting of this I found a great case study about the concept of church direct mail campaigns.

Kenny Jahng from butler.church interviewed Peter Gowesky, pastor of Hope City Church in Sarasota, Florida about this very topic.

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