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Should Someone Oversee Your Church Communications

Should Someone Oversee Your Church Communications

As a church leader, you know… good communications don’t just happen.

It takes time, commitment and intentionality to connect with your audience.

Each week you spend hours planning what you will say and how you will connect people to God’s word.

Our visual communications and written communications require the same type of intentionality.

Your church needs someone who can put focused attention into these communications.

Someone who can help:

1) Collect Information

in a timely fashion so things get communicated early and often

2) Function as Quality Control

making sure your promotions meet the goals and expectations your church has agreed on

3) Schedule Communications

so your church isn’t inundated one week and silent the next

Who that should be will vary.

When possible, I would encourage it to be a staff member, because they will know about upcoming ministry events that need promoting. If a staff member is not an option, it should be a high level, committed volunteer.


Either way, the person who oversees your church communications needs the following characteristics:

  • Has report with the staff and can get necessary details from them
  • Highly organized
  • Long term view of the church ministry
  • Good with people
  • Articulate
  • Has an eye for detail
  • Computer savvy
  • Can create (or edit) designs to meet church goals and expectation

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