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Is a Postcard or Direct Mail Piece Right for You

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Before Facebook came on the scene, direct mail was the way to connect your church and community.

But as digital communications have grown, there has been a shift in the marketing landscape.

More and more churches are abandoning print, and church communicators are decrying the practice of mailing postcards and flyers.

I have to admit I’ve been hesitant to jump ship. Having worked in a large church where print was king, I’ve seen the power of a well done direct mail campaign.

But is it time to abandon it?

Until the past couple weeks I’ve been leaning that way. And then I had a couple interactions with churches who are sticking with it and seeing success.

The conversations have caused me to look again at what makes a direct mail campaign work, and how to maximize the effectiveness and reduce costs for a church.

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Summer Promotions: Is Direct Mail Right For You?



if direct mail is right for your church? If it is, here are

5 Steps to Effective Church Direct Mail Campaigns

  1. Know your Goals
  2. Know your Audience
  3. Design a mailer that supports those goals
  4. Deliver the mailer at the lowest cost possible
  5. Ask questions and track results


Case Study

Kenny Jahng has a great case study about a church plant using mailers as part of their launch.

Check out his interview here: butler.church interviewing Peter Gowesky, pastor of Hope City Church in Sarasota, Florida.