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How to Reach Your Community Regardless of Budget | Easter QuickWin #8

You’ve been in ministry long enough to know… budget dollars drive ministry.

Weighing your ministry steps against the weekly bookkeepers’ balance sheet. Praying somehow God provides, before reality smothers your vision.

With Easter approaching, how will you reach those who need your life-changing message?

A small marketing budget is one of the top challenges churches face at Easter.

It doesn’t need to keep your church from reaching your community.

With Facebook Ads you can…

  • Promote an event for just dollars a day
  • Target the exact people you want to reach
  • Adjust your budget as your promotion runs

Whether you have a $20 marketing budget or $200, Facebook advertising is the best way to steward the money you have.

Facebook Ads are the best use of your Easter advertising dollars

Easter Marketing QuickWin highlights:

Boost Post

  • Create posts like you normal would and watch the organic reach (how many people interact with it)
  • Choose your posts with the highest reach and pay to boost them
  • Add a Response Button
  • Target the audience who sees your boosted post
  • Set a Budget – as little as $1 per day
  • See Estimated Number of People Reached
  • Set a Duration for the Ad
  • Track how many people have seen, interacted with and responded to your post

Facebook Boost Post Overview Video


Facebook Ads Manager / Facebook Power Editor

  • Pick a specific task you want to accomplish with your Facebook Ads
    • Reach people near your church
    • Send people to your website
    • Increase conversions on your website (perform an action like register for an event, join an email list, etc.)
  • Target the exact person you want to see your Facebook Ads
  • Pick Where the Ad will be seen
  • Pick a budget
    • Per day or per campaign options
    • Costs as little at $1–5 A Day
    • More effective reach for $30–40 Per Campaign
  • Create a delivery schedule
    • Length of campaign
    • Days of week for campaign
    • Time of day for campaign
  • Pick a the type of tracking you want to you
  • Create your Ad or Pick a Post
  • Start your Ad Campaign
  • Track your Results

Facebook Ads Manager Overview Video

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