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Putting the ‘Social’ Back Into Easter Social Media | Easter QuickWin #7

As a kid, do you remember questioning your parents rules?

Always wondering about the point of them. Making declarations about how you would “do things differently” when you got older.

Then, when you got a little older, a little wiser, you realized. The rules weren’t so dumb after all.

Growing up our family had a rule…
Dinner time is family time, and you eat at the table.

In typical kid fashion I didn’t get it.

Until I got older, and realized the genius of it.

It had nothing to do with dinner.

It had everything to do with building relationships.

My mom knew relationships took time, and they happened best when they were intentional.

Your churches social media is the same.

Like a family sitting at the kitchen table. It’s an opportunity to be social. To build relationships. To lead with intention.

Today’s Easter Marketing QuickWin is about applying this this principle to your churches social media. Here’s…


How to put the ‘social’ back in Your Easter social media

Easter marketing QuickWin highlights:

Your church is coming to social media to:

  • Stay in touch with friends
  • Stay up to date on current events
  • Kill time
  • Find funny content
  • Share opinions
  • Share photos / videos

Craft your Easter posts with:

  • Questions
  • Compelling statements
  • Items of interest
  • Images about planning
  • Teasers about Easter will include

Then intersperse posts with:

  • Easter service times
  • Calls to action that include Easter

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