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7 Thoughtful Ways to Bless Your Volunteers This Christmas

7 Thoughtful Ways to Bless Your Volunteers This Christmas

Volunteers are the life blood of your church.

And, as Christmas approaches, now is a great time to bless your volunteers.

Whether you’ve got budget to spend or not, here are some ways to remind them of their impact and your appreciation.

1) Send Handwritten Notes

Handwritten thank you notes are powerful, and seldom practiced anymore. Use them to speak specifically to the ways your volunteer makes your church a better place.

2) Thank Them Publicly

Gather volunteers together, with spouses when possible, and “thank” them personally. Let them know a specific thing you admire about them or identify how they make a difference in your church.

I’ve had a leader do this, and it was incredibly powerful, endearing the team to them and setting a tone of gratitude across the entire ministry.

3) Share Ministry Wins

Volunteers often have their head down serving, and miss the stories of what God is doing. Take time to share with them about the ministry wins and life change happening in your midst.

A single mom with kids who beg to come to church each week.

A special needs family who calls your church home because of the support you offer their family.

Sharing simple stories inspires people and helps explain why their sacrifice is so important.

4) Make Phone Calls

Let’s face it, Sundays are hectic, and finding 5 minutes for a face to face conversation can be tough. So, set time aside each week to contact a portion of your volunteers by phone.

Don’t have an agenda and awkward list of items to cover. Just minister to them and speak into their lives. Close with prayer for them and let them know you value their ministry.

5) Remember Birthdays

Have you noticed that social media “birthday wishes” have reduced the number of birthday cards you receive?

Set a calendar reminder now, for each month of the new year, reminding you to send out birthday cards. Be sure to pick non-cheesy cards, and go the extra step to include a note about their impact on your ministry. The thought will go a long way.

6) Provide Snacks

Sunday mornings can be a rush for families to get to church early enough to serve. By providing light snacks and something to drink, you set a tone of appreciation and thoughtfulness for their sacrifice. A simple note, near the food is a great way to remind them of the impact they will have that Sunday.

7) Thoughtfully Bless Them

A small, thoughtful gift, can endear volunteers to your ministry. Instead of a generic item, you buy in bulk, think about your individual volunteers. Make a list of their ministry roles and personalities, then use the list to find gifts that are personal and practical.


Need some creative gift ideas?

A list, based on ministry roles and responsibilities, of Volunteer Gift Ideas is available here.

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