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5 Things You MUST Get Right for Facebook Ad Success, church facebook ads, facebook ads for your ministry

5 Things You MUST Get Right for Facebook Ad Success

Scrolling through Facebook can be an adventure.

In the midst of the funny videos, heartfelt posts, and goofy memes, come some of the most random Facebook ads I’ve ever seen.

Inflatable chairs, business class presentation software, message therapy, and more.

Why am I seeing some of these?

The topics aren’t things I’ve ever researched, have any interest in, or would ever purchase. With the power that is Facebook ads this shouldn’t be happening.

These companies are literally throwing their money away.

So it got me thinking about Facebook Ads for ministries and non-profits.

What goes in to an ad that reaches the right people, at the right price, with something they want to see?

5 Things You MUST Get Right for Facebook Ad Success

Highlights from the Facebook Live:

    1) Pick a Task – What action do you want people to take, what is your objective

    • Reach people near your church
    • Send people to your website
    • Increase conversions on your website (perform an action like register for an event, join an email list, etc.)

    2) Pick an Audience – who are you trying to reach

    • Location
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Language
    • Include / Exclude people who match specific details
    • Demographics
    • Interests
    • Behaviors

    3) Pick a Budget – What are you willing to spend (day or total)

    • Per day or per campaign options
    • Costs as little at $1–5 A Day
    • More effective reach for $30–40 Per Campaign

    4) Create an Engaging Ad

    • Text
    • Video / Image
    • Link to follow
    • Call to Action

    5) Track Results

    • Views
    • Length of Engagement on Videos
    • Total Reach
    • Clicks to Link
    • Relevance Score

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